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Financing of RenovationWorks & Extraordinary Expenses

  • Possibility to finance any kind of condominium renovation (no single dwellings)
  • Time Extensions of payments from 24 to 60 months
  • Fast Financing Grant
  • Approval not subject to condominium majority
  • Custom dedicated Portal with virtual showcase of Vendors/Suppliers and Administrators

Types of possible Renovations and Extraordinary Expenses

  • Electrical & Electrotechnical Systems
  • Thermal Systems (Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Burners, etc.)
  • Elevators and freight hoists
  • Construction Works (façades, roofs, tilings, balconies, interiors, manholes, water drainage)
  • Gardens (Tree Planting, Pruning, Cutting, Hedges, etc.)
  • Driveway & Parking Paving, flagstone installation and banding
  • TV Antenna Systems
  • Alarm and Video Surveillance Systems
  • Ironworks and Blacksmithing (Gates, Fences, Border posts, Rails, etc.)
  • Outdoor & Indoor Painting Works
  • General Plumbing (piping, gutters, tinsmithing, etc.)
  • Sewage disposal systems (drywells, connections to town sewer network)
  • Water Treatment Systems (softening and filtering)
  • ...and much more!
Procedure for financing activation:
  • The necessary condition to the disbursement of the loan is a report of the condominium meeting, in which the pending work is deliberated; the unanimous approval to the financing is not required; thus the loan shall be dispensed only to the house owners who will request it.
  • The financing shall be dependent upon a delibera dell’ente erogante which shall evaluate the condominium balance sheet, not considering the exposure related to other existing loans from the single house owners.
  • The disbursement of the financing doesn't require any income documentation of each house owner, nor does it include any reporting to credit-checking agencies.
  • The disbursement of the financing, thanks to its exclusive formula, is perfectly in line with the existing fiscal regulations, thereby allowing to tax-deduct the full amount, including burdens and charges right from the first year. The financing might have a length between 24 and 60 months, and is advertised with the exclusive"Zero Ttechnical Rate" formula.

Advantages of the Syrio Finance Financing

  • Advantages for the Condominium
    • Availability of an innovative financial tool, considering the condominium as a legal entity which can be financed according to the estate's unit value
    • Possibility to bring to completion renovation and innovation works which increase the market value of each single real estate unit
    • Access to condominium's expense installment rates, withous adding them to other existing financial exposures
    • Access to innovative goods that improve life's quality and increase the monetary value of one's own house
  • Advantages for the Administrator
    • It allows him to perform a consulting role which is fundamental to manage problems that would otherwise risk dragging over time, without a foreseeable solution
    • It brings value to the house owner but also to his/her own business management and ownership
  • Advantages for the Affiliated Vendor
    • The accredited and affiliated Vendor/Supplier immediately receives the whole payment from the Bank, without having to manage exhausting negotiations and installments, which might last even years
    • The affiliation foresees, for the vendor/supplier, the publishing of an advertising banner on the condominium portal, thereby generating visibility and new work opportunities


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