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Total Insurance Consultancy

  • Life Policies
  • Car Policies
  • Personal Accident Policies
  • Business Accident Policies
  • Pension Funds
  • Health Policies
  • Legal and Condominium Policies
Life Policies
  • LTC (Long Term Care) - in case of lack of Self-sufficiency
  • Protection
  • Investment
  • Savings
  • Family Protection (TAD Class - Temporary Assurance on Death)
  • School & Study Policies (for kids and teenagers - bonus for high school degree)
  • Single & Recurrent Premium Rates
  • Revaluable Premium & Capital
  • Life Assurance with Return of Premium
  • With Insured Sum at expiration, available on first rate payment
  • Surrendeable
  • All policies are undistraintable and unseizureable

Car Policies

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles & Mopeds
  • Seacraft (boats, motorboats, sailboats and others)
  • Trucks and Vans
  • Classic and Vintage Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks
  • Pay-as-you-Drive Car Policies with Satellite GPS Tracking System (Autocontrollo)

Personal Accident Insurance Policies

  • Fire/Home Real Estate Mortgage Liability Policies
  • Home Policies with Assurance Surety for Rental Apartments
  • Single Accident Policies (for adults and even for KIDS 0-13 years old!!!)

Professional Damage Policies

  • Trade/Commerce Policies (shops, stores, hawkers, operators, etc.)
  • Enterprise Policies (companies, construction yards, businesses, etc.)
  • Building Policies (for buildings, condominiums, resorts and more)
  • Group Business Accident Policies (for employees and workers)
  • Profession Policies (physicians, lawyers, accountants and CPA, etc.)
  • Office Policies (offices, studios, studies, activity operation, etc.)
  • CL (Civil Liability) & PL (Penal Liability) Policies, with Special Guarantees:
    • Fire
    • Products (Software, food, semi-finished, finished, assemblies etc.)
    • CL c/o third parties, with Posthumous Clause (10 years)
    • Pollution
    • Environmental Damage (inks, paints, particulates and powders, chemicals, etc.)
    • Collateral
    • Branch Specific and Custom CLs
Pension Funds & Provisions For Severance Pay
  • Open Pension Funds
  • Closed Pension Funds
  • Group Business Pension Funds (for companies)
  • Company Severance Pay Provision
  • End-of-Mandate Provision for Executives, M.D., CEO and Company Holders
  • Supplemental/Integration Pension Fund Design
  • Wholly deductible from IRS Declaration (730, 770, Unico, etc.)

Health Policies

  • Supplemental Health Policies (private hospitals, foreign clinics & institutes, etc.)
  • Pregnancy & Delivery Policies
  • Serious Disease Policies
  • Diagnostics & Surgery Operations Policies
  • LTC (Long Term Care) Policies for lack of Self-sufficiency due to degenerative diseases

Legal & Condominium Policies

  • Legal Defense
  • Condominium Protection
  • Civil & Penal Defense

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