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Audio Engineering


Professional Audio & Sound Engineering

  • Conference Halls Engineering
  • Environmental Psychoacustics Solutions
  • Live, Studio & Home Sound Analysis
  • Sound Engineering (Studio, Live, Outdoor)
  • DET© Digital Environmental Equalization & Optimization
  • Live/Studio Audio Recording Techniques for Classical e Choir Music
  • Recording Systems: 2-Channel Purist, 3-Channel, conventional MultiChannel
    • Live 2-channel in CM90 Technique (90° Cross-Mode), 3-channel in CM90A (Rear Ambient Pick-Up)
    • DAT Live Recording (48KHz and 16Bits) & DtD (digital-to-digital) transfer to computer
    • DTC (direct-to-computer) Live Recording (44 & 48KHz and 16Bits), in WAV, FLAC and MP3 formats
    • Analog Live Recording onto 2T Master RTR (Reel-To-Reel) Recorder at 15 IPS (38 cm/s)
    • CD Mastering in CDA &MP3 formats (others available)
    • Processing & Post-producton Editing/Splicing with DSP & Digital Equalization
  • Active & Passive Environmental Equalization Systems

Professional Musical Events Management

Professional Multimedia Audio/Video & Congress Systems

  • Analog & Digital Audio Conference Systems
  • Analog & Digital Video Conference Systems
  • Mobile Devices Connections (Android & iPhone)
  • Encripted Satellite Connections
  • Custom Systems Design

Home & Building Automation 

  • Design & Consultancy Office
  • Controller & Systems Programming
  • Installations Services
  • Management & Control of Intercom, Audio, Video, Lighting Systems
  • Management &Control of Alarm, Security and Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Management &Control of Swimming Pools, Gyms, Beauty Centers, MiniGolf Courses, etc.

Home Theater & High-End Hi-Fi Audio Engineering


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